Victims of Crime, TAC & WorkCover

Individuals may access therapy sessions under other referral schemes including:

  • Victims of Crime - Individuals who have been a victim of crime. Please contact Victims Support Agency on 1800 819 817 for further information or your solicitor regarding this scheme
  • WorkSafe - Individuals who are suffering a work-related injury or illness. Please contact Worksafe and speak to your GP and/or employer.
  • TAC - Individuals who have sustained an injury in a transport accident. Please contact TAC and speak to your GP.

Please confirm with TAC or Workover if you are eligible before scheduling an appointment, otherwise you will be charged the standard fee.

 In order to arrange for TAC and Workcover reimbursements, please bring the following to your appointment:

1.The name and contact details of your case manager

2.Your claim number

3.Confirmation that “psychology” has been approved,

4.That you have reached the medical expenses threshold.


If unsure, please contact your case manager.